Hansgrohe – Bar Shower Set – Raindance Select E120 Set 65cm

At Hansgrohe, we never stop working on the perfect encounter between water and skin. The latest milestone on this quest is called Select, and comes in the form of an elegant button.

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Hansgrohe Raindance Select E120 Set 65cm

Raindance Select 120 Unica Set 65cm | Wall Bar Shower Set | Wall Mount Shower Set | Bath | Rain Shower Head | Showerhead | Shower Rain | Rain Dance | Hand Showers | Art. no.: 26620000 | UPC #: 4011097706061 | 4-011097-706061



At Hansgrohe, we never stop working on the perfect encounter between water and skin. The latest milestone on this quest is called Select, and comes in the form of an elegant button. It allows you to switch effortlessly between the different spray modes of the Raindance Select handshowers — a simple click for greater shower pleasure. The Select technology revolutionizes your shower experience. Whether you prefer to be pampered by light, soft Rain AIR drops or to start the day with a reviving Rain shower, whether you are renovating your existing bathroom or planning a new one: showering with Select means enjoying the water at its best. Shower operation has never been this comfortable. Pure pleasure, at the touch of a button.

Raindance Select E 120:
Select Your Shower Pleasure.

We want to revolutionize not only the way we use water, but also ease of use and control . So, our most recent innovation is not about complexity, but the simplicity of an elegant button. With Raindance Select E 120, enjoy soft, enveloping water droplets (Rain AIR), a refreshing jet of water (Rain), or a powerful massage (Whirl). Thanks to Select , create your perfect shower experience with water — all at the touch of a button. Available with a unique chrome finish, with a fully plated spray face.

Great showering pleasure

You really need to have experienced this: showering pleasure on a large scale with jet types that have an unashamedly feel good factor. Hansgrohe’s hand and overhead showers, with a diameter of between 100 and 600 mm, envelop you in a real water dream – and ensure XXLPerform in your bathroom.

The Hansgrohe XXLPerformance

For those yearning for infinitely more fun in the shower, Hansgrohe offers overhead showers up to 600 mm in diameter. Our comfortable, extra-large showers come with the XXLPerformance label, where the wow effect is built in.

Raindance showers are trend-setters: with their large spray discs, not only do they dispense the water beautifully over your body, they are also attractive from an ecological point of view. Because, thanks to the AirPower technology, where air is infused into the water, these XXL showers are economical. So shower pleasure and water efficiency go hand in hand at Hansgrohe.


Fast anti-limescale function

Who really likes cleaning? Our invention, QuickClean, rapidly removes dirt and limescale deposits from mixers and showers. Flexible silicon naps make sure of this. Beware of copies: this QuickClean logo is the only guarantee of genuine Hansgrohe quality.

With QuickClean you can rub off limescale in an instant

Calciferous water, dirt, cleaning agents: mixers and showers need to withstand quite a bit. With the QuickClean technology from Hansgrohe, you can remove limescale in an instant. Since Hansgrohe has fitted its mixer aerators and shower jets with flexible silicon jets, dirt and limescale can be rubbed off easily. Another plus: products that are limescale-free and well-maintained remain attractive and in good working order for longer.

QuickClean – a clean solution:

 ✔ Quick cleaning due to elastic silicon naps ✔ 
 ✔ Light rubbing instead of vigorous cleaning and scrubbing ✔ 
 ✔ Regular water flow in the mixers ✔ 
 ✔ Better shower spray when showering ✔ 
 ✔ Long product life and functionality ✔ 


More pleasure, more efficiency

With this shower technology, Hansgrohe mixes water with air, and you feel pleasantly sparkling AirPower all over your skin. As water enriched with air makes the droplets plumper, lighter and softer. This means you use your water more efficiently.

A pleasantly different shower experience

This will permanently inspire you: Hansgrohe’s AirPower technology will improve your showering pleasure while reducing your water requirement. That’s unless you don’t want to get out of the shower because you’re having too much fun. Because air is plentiful, but precious water is not, the Hansgrohe innovators have invented something ground-breaking in their own spray laboratory: AirPower. That means: having fun and conserving resources at the same time.

AirPower – more fun from less water

The principle is simple: an ample supply of air is sucked in via the spray faceof your AirPower shower. This infiltrates the incoming water. Around three litres of air are transferred to one litre of water making each drop more voluminous, lighter and softer. Thus you will be using your valuable water efficiently.

AirPower – unique shower fun

Enriched with air to the extent that the droplets become plumper, lighter and softer. You will notice the effects immediately on your skin: the sparkling AirPower shower rain envelopes your body and creates a wonderful sense of well-being. Also, you can indulge yourself in a massage with the multi-jet models: the powerful stream has a noticeably relaxing effect. And in addition to more shower fun, your water demand will also be reduced.

Conserve resources with Hansgrohe

We believe that every drop counts, and we will help you to save water, energy and money. With innovative products and trendsetting technologies.

Intuitive jet adjustment

Soft water droplets or an invigorating massage? Select the jet type you want in just one click, for even more showering fun.

The advantage to you: “Select your Shower Pleasure.”

Select a jet type or shower in just one click, for even more showering fun: this is the operating philosophy of convenience that lies behind Hansgrohe’s Select button. The company introduced operation at the touch of a button to the world of bathrooms with this innovation – and was one of the first in the industry to do so.

Hansgrohe’s Select button:

guarantees simplicity day in, day out. Whether you would like to be able to switch between overhead and hand shower, or between invigorating burst of freshness and soft shower rain. Raindance Select products are ideal for those who appreciate a pleasurable shower experience characterised by comfort and convenience.

embodies timelessly modern bathroom design and will be a real eye-catcher in the shower area. The new Raindance Select range is designed by Phoenix Design – one of the leading design offices in the world.


Gentle air-enriched rainfall.

Perfect for rinsing shampoo out of your hair.


A concentrated, pleasant massage spray.

Product Specifications / Certificates



Brand Hansgrohe
Model Hansgrohe Raindance Select E120 Set 65cm
Type Hand Shower + Wall Bar
Bar Adjustability 90° position adjustable slider,
pivots left and right, up and down
Flow Rate @ 3 bar 16 Liters / min.
Spray Modes Rain (continuous water stream),
RainAir (rain jet enriched with air),
WhirlAir (massage spray)
Spray Mode Selection by Select button to comfortably switch
between spray modes
Operating Pressure Min. 1 bar
Max. 6 bar
Shower Head Size 120 mm
Product Dimensions Refer drawings (Measurement in mm)
Net Weight 1.4 Kg (3.08 lbs)
Shipping Dimension 15 x 6.5 x 73.5 cm
Shipping Weight Appx. 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs)


The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is the UK Water Industry’s
approval scheme. Products approved by the scheme have been shown to
comply with the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings)
Regulations 1999 and amendments.

► Click here to find out more about WRAS

Raindance Select E120 Shower Set 65cm, parts consists of:


Raindance Select E 120 3jet Hand shower ( Part # 26520000)

Product features:

♥ shower head size: 120 mm

♥ Select button to comfortably switch between spray modes

♥ spray type: RainAir (rain jet enriched with air), Rain, WhirlAir (massage spray)

♥ maximum flow rate (at 3 bar): 16 l/min

♥ operating pressure: min. 1 bar / max. 6 bar

♥ easy to clean spray face


Unica’S Puro shower bar 0.65m (Part # 28632000)

Product features:

♥ 22 mm width of shower bar

♥ adjustable angle/tilt

♥ wall bar spacer (grey)

Isiflex shower hose 1.60m_img001_300x300

Isiflex shower hose 1.60m (Part # 28276000)

Product features:

♥ high-quality metal effect shower hose

♥ anti-microbial coating to reduce the presence of bacteria

♥ shower hose length: 1,60 m

♥ kink-protected

♥ larger inner diameter of 8mm for higher flow rates

♥ conical nuts at both ends


Casetta’E soap dish (Part # 26519000)

Product features:

♥ purpose of use: for shower bars with 22mm diameter

♥ removable

Additional Information

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Hansgrohe – Bar Shower Set – Raindance Select E120 Set 65cm, Hansgrohe Isiflex shower hose 1.60m (Part # 28276000) Replacement Accessory


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